Monday 29 June 2015

FRIDAY JULY 31st @ 7.30 p.m.

Kinsale Regatta - Designated to the Year of the Youth


Promoted by Belgooly Athletic Club
Entries taken at Kinsale G.A.A Grounds, Changing Facilities and Showers available at the Grounds.

Entry Fee €10.00

Supporting "Straight Ahead"
Straight Ahead is an Irish medical and charity supported initiative which performs major orthopaedic operations for children on HSE waiting lists and in urgent need of surgery.  These children have progressive spinal deformity, neuromuscular conditions or orthopaedic conditions that deteriorate the longer they are forced to wait.  The board of the charity give their time and expertise for free.

Accurate Course, A.A.I. Licence No: 15/458 Granted
Entries taken on the night, Entries close @ 7.15 p.m.
The race will start at the G.A.A. Grounds and finish near the Bank of Ireland

The race is open to all athletes, Joggers, Fun-Runners & Walkers.


1st 6 Men, 1st 6 Ladies, 1st 3 Men O/40, 1st 3 Men O/45, 1st 3 Men O/50, 1st 3 Men O/55, 1st 3 Men O/60, 1st 3 Men O/65, 1st 3 Juniors, 1st 2 Men's Team (3 to score)
1st 2 Ladies O/35, 1st 2 Ladies O/40, 1st 2 Ladies O/45, 1st 2 Ladies O/50, 1st 2 Ladies O/55, 1st 3 Juniors, 1st Ladies Team (3 to score).
1st Wheelchair Athlete.

One prize per Athlete.

For Health and Safety reasons, no dogs or buggies allowed.

Details from Rose @ 086-8411193, John @ 086-1713500, Nicola @ 086-8515371 or email